The easiest way to keep track of your habits

Habitify is a powerful habit tracker which motivates you to lead a more productive life. Simple, Flexible and Motivating..

Focus on habits due right now

Simplify your habit list, only show what's due in current time (morning, afternoon or evening)


Before 12:00




18:00 - 0:00

Never lacking of motivation

Get motivated by the chain of done habits, helpful sta-
tistics, and beautiful graphs

Main Features

Organize Your Day

Plan your habits for different times of the day, so lets you focus on the things due right now.

Flexible Scheduling

You can schedule Brush teeth daily, Go to gym Mon -Wed -Fri, or Call Mom any 2 days per week.

Powerful Reminder

Set reminders to each habit and let us notify you to complete your daily goals.

Today Widget

See motivational quotes and easily mark your habit as done from Today view, without opening the app.

Notification & Badges

Get encouraging notifications and cool badges every time you accomplish a new goal.

Habit Stats

Get motivated from precise statistics and graphs about your progress.

Seamlessly sync across devices

Easily check off your habits on iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch with real time data synchronization.